Central Fire Detection System

Our buildings are fitted with a Central Particularly Addressable Fire/Smoke Detection System (CTec, UK) interconnected with smoke detector addresses, photo-electric Heat Detector addresses, audio-visual Fire Alarms and Manual Call Points.

The Fire Safety Officer desk includes the Fire Detection Panel, PA system and Security Camera Monitor (all connected to a dedicated back-up power source) for efficient safety system supervision

Emergency Hydrant System

The system can provide a flow of 2000 liter/min for 3 hours whilst the Canal Reservoir Water Capacity is 3, 00,000 liters.

It uses a motor driven Fire Pump, Auto Control Panel, Pillar Hydrant, Multistage Jockey Pump, Gate Valves, Foot Valves, Non-return Valves and Pressure Gauge. The system is automatically connected to a Dedicated Power Generator specifically for fire-fighting.

Safety Training

We arrange fire-fighting program for trained-employees twice in every month under internal extensive training program. All other employees have to take monthly basic training. A Fire-drill training takes place once a month.

Fire Exits

AGL is fully fitted with Certified Fire Proof Doors. These are 100% smoke and heat proof, One hour fire resistant, outward opening, side swinging, not-lockable from either sides and fitted with Push-bars and Auto door-closets. Proper Aisle-Marks lead to each Exits. All Exits are highlighted by Exit Signs with emergency power back-up and Fire Grade Emergency Lights.

Electrical Safety

AGL Group has passed the Electrical Safety Audit and entire Electrical systems are maintained following best engineering practices. Circuits are optimized for maximum efficiency. We’ve posted electrical diagrams on to respective electrical boards and panels.


To protect the environment from detrimental by-products of operations, the sustainability team has started a number of initiatives which save country resources as well as cost effective. The 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) is our main focus.

Our initiatives:

Re-using of Utility Water: The water used daily by the management staff in the wash basin is re-used for gardening. This initiative saves about 100 liters of water per day.

Re-using of treated water:

The water which is treated from ETP is re-used for daily toilet flushing of our workers in the premises, saving almost 10 million liters of underground water per year.

Recycling organic waste:

We produce 4-5 tons of organic compost fertilizer monthly. Leftovers from lunch of employees along with kitchen waste from the surrounding area, industrial waste, cow dung, water hyacinth and other natural ingredients are used to make the fertilizer.

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