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Corporate FAQ2020-03-31T13:21:49+00:00
What’s your initiative about tree plantation to save world from Carbon-di Oxide emission?2020-03-31T12:39:49+00:00

We regular launch program of Tree plantation to reduce Carbon-di-oxide to save our nature and have a target to plant 1 million new tree on next 1 year.

Do you have any showroom containing samples and can I visit it (if you have)?2020-03-31T12:19:05+00:00

Yes, we have our own showroom where it’s segregated according to Kids, Men & Women zone. We provide opportunity to our clients to visit it. But one has to make appointment at least 2 days before visiting as we have to prepare schedule on it

Do you quote price with Freight?2020-03-31T12:15:45+00:00

We can quote price with freight charge or without freight charge, depending on your asking. If you organize your own freight from the port of departure, then no freight cost will be included in the price quote.

Do you have Oeko-Tex Standard Certificate?2020-03-31T12:14:19+00:00

Yes, Our Company has Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate and maintains international quality standard for its product and services.

What’s about your payment terms?2020-03-31T12:12:58+00:00

Our policy is to take order on TT payment or LC basis. You can get the opportunity to discuss with our management about payment process before order placement. So, we assure you not to feel shaky or worry about it.

Why should I choice Anam Garments Ltd.?2020-03-31T12:11:01+00:00

We believe Quality is the life of our garments, and good quality represents values of the label.
We like to treat each of our clients as friends, going out of our way to ensure you get the best end product. We’re very careful about on time delivery and as well as can offer competitive price. So, we think we’re the right choice for you.

Tell about your Production Lead-time.2020-03-31T13:28:06+00:00

Our merchandising and sourcing team is very aware to make shipment of any order from initial stage. We normally make shipment within 6-7 weeks if fabrics and accessories are from Bangladesh. For imported fabrics and accessories we require 10-12 weeks to make complete shipment.


what kind of Productions technology you are using?2020-03-31T12:02:03+00:00

We own a group of expert and efficient team members in our IE department. They continuously analyze production data (from cutting to finishing) calculating SMV using GSD software very carefully. So, our production team improves their productivity gradually to move onto peak.

How is your Sample Quality?2020-03-31T11:59:24+00:00

We own our own sample section which consists of CAD, pattern, sample cutting, sewing and finishing section for itself. A group of expert and dedicated personnel’s are involved to make sample carefully. So, we assure the top most quality samples to our valued customers

How many days you’re required to submit sample?2020-03-31T11:57:22+00:00

Our merchandising team and sample section consists of highly experienced professionals who have the excellent skills and techniques, fabric and trimming knowledge, and accurate sourcing efficiencies. So, for normal products we can submit samples within 5-6 working days. If the product is critical and fabric (with accessories) from outside Bangladesh then we require more than a week to submit samples.

Are you accustomed to submit sample?2020-03-31T11:55:52+00:00

Yes, we’re submitting sample to our valued customers two times (if required more than 2), once for fitting and styling issue and another to get production approval. So, you can get assurance of getting nice and high quality sample as per your requirement.

Are you habituated to work with man-made fiber or with Cotton only?2020-03-31T11:54:39+00:00

We’re habituated to work with different fiber and yarn variety includes: Cellulosic fiber (Cotton), Synthetic fiber (Polyester, Nylon etc.) Regenerated Cellulosic fiber (Viscose, Tencel, Modal etc.)  Elastomeric fiber (Lycra) Cellulosic & Synthetic mixed fiber (CVC, PC etc.).

How can I can get assurance about the quality?2020-03-31T11:53:32+00:00

We have the best quality product delivery at every stage of the production with utmost efforts from all side. To fulfill the expectations of our valued customers by highly trained staff who are fully equipped to ensure high quality control as per international standard. So, we follow in line, pre-quality and final inspection, three stage quality control system to assure our valued clients.

Which software do you use in your factory to make smooth work?2020-03-31T11:43:59+00:00

As we’re one of the leading export-oriented garments in Bangladesh, we are using ERP from the beginning. Now we are going to introduce FR (Fast React) and SAP (System Application & Products) very soon to organize ourselves in more efficient way.


How many days you’re required to submit costing?2020-03-31T11:37:36+00:00

Our merchandising team consists of highly experienced professionals who have the ultimate visualization and demonstration skills and techniques, fabric and trimming knowledge, and accurate sourcing as well as costing and pricing efficiencies. So, for normal products we can offer price within 12-24 hours. If the product is critical and fabric (with accessories) from outside Bangladesh then we require two to three days to quote sharp price.

Do you have any Design or Product Development Team?2020-03-31T11:19:04+00:00

We own expert and enthusiastic Product and design development team and they are aware about updated design and trend of upcoming season. They continuously work to produce updated design and sample preparation for different customers of EU, USA, Australia, and South America etc. This effort culminates in the development of product collections thrice a year to showcase our strength to potential and existing customers. Our design team has extensive knowledge of the different fabrics and finishing technologies and are able to work directly with customers to suggest innovative and cost-effective solutions to overcome various design challenges.

Are you able to source fabric from abroad?2020-03-31T13:12:35+00:00

We own an experienced fabric sourcing team and they can source any types of fabric inside as well as outside of country. Our team is well capable of sourcing different and critical fabrics with various design within very short time. We have own fabric sourching office in Nimbo China to make sure the Quality of fabric and delivery issues.

Which types of products are you doing now?2020-03-31T11:07:29+00:00

We’re currently doing all types of KNIT & WOVEN items in our factory. We’ve planned to set up a Sweater project soon.

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